one page essay about the article 1 –

Read the article from Emerging( the forth edition), from pg.35-52

The One-Page Essay (OPE) is a short preliminary writing on one of our readings to prepare you for each essay. Each essay should be 2 paragraphs with at least one line onto the 2nd page. OPE’s count toward your Short Writings Grade (100 points total). Instructions on each OPE will be given separately.

Re-read Appiah’s text and write a 1 paragraph summary of Appiah’s argument. What is his main point? What are the steps he uses to prove that point? What is the purpose of the first part (“Making Conversation”) and the second part (“The Primacy of Practice”)?

For paragraph 2, what questions do you have about the text? Write about what you didn’t understand, or questions you want to ask Appiah, or simply what Appiah made you think about.

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