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Respond to the following discussion:

Lincoln’s plan for reconstruction was the Ten Percent Plan, meaning that he required only 10% of its voters to swear an oath of allegiance to the union, after that he would allowed them to vote for leaders and draft new state constitutions. Lincoln wanted to offer pardons to the majority of the south and allow them to rebuild themselves with little help from Washington (McPherson, 2010). On the other side Johnson’s plans for reconstruction were more radical, believing that the confederates must pay. Johnson’s plans included putting in his own leaders to reconstruct southern governments and pull out of power all southern military and civil officers. Johnson wanted control over the south where Lincoln wanted to forgive the south and let them figure out their government on their own.

Under Johnson’s ideas of reconstruction he put leaders in places among the southern states and it was upon them to form the government and the constitutions of those states, in this process many of them were quick to make “black codes” restricting the freedoms of former slaves. However the Radical Republicans were for the rights of slaves stating that anyone born in the US was a citizen whom deserved the rights of all citizens of the United States (McPherson, 2010).

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