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Having a person on your side in the hospital is very important. Nurses are that person that is on your side. Nurses are patient’s advocates. They are the patient’s voices when the patient cannot speak for themselves. Nurses are the ones that stick up for the patient when a doctor wants to do something and the family wants to do something else. Family and doctors care for the patient but did they listen to what the patient wants and are they upholding their wishes? Nurses support the patient’s words and rights of the patient. The patient does have the right to refuse even though the nurse may have other opinions. In addition, nurses are the people to prevent errors in health care. Nurses see the patient every day and make sure everything is label correctly and can catch the smallest change in the patient. It is hard at times stand up for the patient when it is against a powerful doctor that has been there longer than the nurse. With this challenge, nurses are here to promote and encourage other staff members to raise a red flag when they have a gut feeling that what they are doing is unsafe. In one example I had, I had a doctor want to give a patient Morphine for pain. The patient was not awake but was in pain. Another nurse was taking care of the patient at the time, and the nurse was just about to give the morphine before I stopped her and said the patient has an allergy to morphine and that is why they have a allergy band on. I told the nurse you need to check with the doctor again and get some other pain medication that will work because we cannot give the patient this pain medication. The patient was unable to stop the patient but for another nurse to catch the mistake the nurse was advocating for the patient and making sure allergy or their wishes were upheld. The nurse could have given the medication but that would have caused much more pain for the patient and not to mention harm. Safety is number one and making sure you are giving the correct medication is crucial. These are one of rights in medication administration.…

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