Position Paper


Position Paper


Students will write a paper on one side of a current controversy in nutrition. The paper will include the findings of at least two primary studies that were published in nutrition or medical journals, and provide a very brief review of a well-referenced book, or, as an alternative to a book, at least two well-researched and well-referenced articles from reputable health or news websites or other popular-media sources. The paper will be 1000-1200 words long. You must use APA format and style and double-space your paper.

Topic suggestions:

Discuss the pros or cons of a vegetarian, vegan, or raw-food diet.

Discuss the pros or cons of a lower-carb, higher-protein diet, or of a Paleo diet.

Are nutritional supplements necessary? Can we get all the nutrition we need from a healthy diet? Are there certain supplements that are essential, despite the views of those who claim that none are necessary? Take a position and justify your arguments.

Is saturated fat harmful? Should saturated fat or fat in general, be limited to the extent recommended in government guidelines? Take a side, justify your arguments.