Psychology of Addiction – Unit7 –

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Title:Treating Addiction: A Guide for Professionals

Author:Miller, W. R., Forcehimes, A. A., andZweben, A.



eBook or Physical text or Digital Book:Digital, VitalSource Interactive

Miller, W.R., Forcehimes, A.A., & Zweben, A. (2011). Treating addiction: A guide for

  professionals.New York, NY: Guilford.


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    For this graded activity, use the Don scenario below to create a treatment plan. Use the information from your Reading to determine his treatment needs and then explain which treatment methods might be best used in his treatment. Describe which treatment method might be best for him (e.g., cognitive-behavioral or interactional).

    Treatment Scenario: Don

    Don had been consuming alcohol for 15 years. He started with one drink after work with his friends. His drinking increased gradually over the years. Now, his drinking has become the focus of each day despite suffering many serious setbacks. He worked as a skilled laborer when he could, however, his income was now so low and sporadic that he could no longer pay his credit card bills and had no money in his checking account. Don’s wife left with the children 10 years ago because Don would not seek help for his drinking problem. However, Don’s good friend, Jack, recently moved back to town and who wanted to help.

    During the intake, you learn that Don’s father also drank heavily on a daily basis. Don does not view his father’s drinking as problematic because his dad “went to work every day.”

    His results on the Addiction Severity Index indicate that he has had significant difficulties in the areas of employment problems, family relations, and psychiatric (e.g., anxiety).

    Although Don does not have medical insurance, he recently qualified for state medical assistance. This program will pay for an outpatient treatment program (it will not pay for any higher level of care and he does not have funds to cover anything additional).

    You administered the SOCRATES which revealed that Don is in the contemplation stage of change and may be close to the preparation stage.

    Based on this additional information, design a treatment plan for Don. Use the treatment plan in the template below, which is similar to the ones used by most agencies. You may make assumptions about Don that are not included in this scenario (just be sure to justify your responses).

    Read Chapters 4 and 5 in Brief Interventions and Brief Therapies for Substance Abuse (TIP 34) to learn about specific therapeutic treatment methods used in the treatment of substance use disorders. Also, read Chapter 5 in Substance Abuse Treatment: Group Therapy (TIP 41) to learn about the specific treatment methods used in group treatment settings.

    1. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. (2014). Substance Abuse Treatment: Group Therapy (TIP 41). Retrieved from

  • Read Chapter 4: “Brief Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy”

  • Read Chapter 5: “Brief Strategic/Interactional Therapies”

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