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Quick Qualitative Exploration of Themes

Look around your space where you keep your books.

Consider the titles of your books and the genre of books you have.

Begin to categorize the books into groups of classifications.

Then, break that down a bit more and place your types of books into very specific sets/types.

Report your findings.

It might be something like:

Research Books (Quantitative): 2

Research Books (Qualitative): 4

Social Science Textbooks: 12 (juvenile delinquency [2]; social problems, [1]… etc.)

Reference Books: 5 (dictionary [2]; thesaurus [1]; road atlas [1]… etc.) Be careful here that you use ONLY reference books, which have confirmed facts.

Fictional Novels: 20 (mystery [5]; romance [7]; etc…

NonFiction Books: …

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