RE: Information Systems Worksheet, health and medicine homework help



Type in Part A is asking you to (1) indicate if the item is Hardware or Software and (2) provide examples. Not applicable means there are some items where Hardware/Software/examples will not fully apply. Hardware is Hardware- but you should be able to provide examples; whereas CPU is Hardware but there are no examples.

Compose your responses in Part B in proper paragraph form, pay attention to minimum word count and do not use the first person.

Cite any sources you consult in-text and provide a reference list if the information is not common knowledge. All you need to complete this worksheet is in the week 1 materials and readings. DO NOT COPY/PASTE DEFINITIONS FROM INTERNET SOURCES! I will detect this easily and you will earn zero points for part A if you copy/paste definitions. Use your own words.

The proper APA reference list citations for our course texts:

Burke, L., & Weill, B. (2013). Information technology for the health professions (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson

Gartee, R. (2011). Health information technology and management. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson

Use the Reference & Citation generator or the resources I have posted with my APA & Citing Sources announcement to format entries for sources other than the course texts.