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Directions: Read Dante’s The Divine Comedy: The Inferno.  Dante’s great work is considered the masterpiece of the late Middle Ages and is a great reflection of European culture of that time that in turn has shaped our modern world. The question that you will address in this PowerPoint assignment is: In the Inferno, how does Dante use vivid imagery drawn from history, classical sources and biblical sources to reflect the beliefs and outlook of western Europeans in Dante’s day?

Choose as many examples as you think you need to from the book for adequate depth and clarity in answering the question. You will present your points on 5-10 PowerPoint slides. As stated in the rubric your slides should combine the use of text and visual images.

Helpful Online Resources

Danteworlds, University of Texas at Austin:

The World of Dante, University of Virginia Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities:

Digital Dante, Columbia University:

Purdue OWL: Literary Terms:

Purdue OWL:  Image in Poetry:

Need help creating your PowerPoint?  Be sure to review the rubric carefully.  It is located in the course syllabus. You may also want to refer to guidelines for Visual Rhetoric at Purdue Owl which can be accessed at There is also a link to the Purdue Owl Writing Lab under the Tools & Resources tab in you Blackboard menu.

Citations:  Remember that you must cite sources as appropriate for PowerPoint presentations, just as in a written essay. You may want to use the following link for guidance on how to use MLA formatting and citations in PowerPoint presentations: If

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