read the 2nd chapter the nature of costs in the attached textbook and answer the problem p 12 at the end of chapter 2 –

read the 2nd chapter The Nature of costs in the attached textbook and answer the problem P-12 at the end of chapter 2

Gino Potestio, owner of Napoli Pizzeria, is evaluating leasing an espresso/cappuccino machine. A number of patrons have inquired about espresso and cappuccino beverages. Napoli currently does not offer these beverages. Gino believes adding these beverages will increase the demand for his pizzas. A good espresso/cappuccino machine can be leased for $300 month. Each espresso/cappuccino will sell for $3 and the coffee and milk will average $1 per serving. No additional labor cost is needed because the restaurant staff has enough idle time to prepare and serve the espresso/cappuccino. Gino estimates that the machine will add about $75 of additional pizza profits per month. Required: a. How many espresso/cappuccino beverages must Napoli sell to break even? b. Gino doesn’t want to offer espresso/cappuccino beverages unless he makes at least $1,000 per month after taxes including the additional sales of pizzas from adding espresso/ cappuccino beverages. Napoli’s income tax rate is 35 percent. How many servings of espresso/cappuccino must Gino sell to meet his after tax profit goal?



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