read the case and answer 2 –

Read the case attached then answer these question and do an outline

Please use concepts from the text attached as well ((so important))

D. How did the company identify new product opportunities?

E. How did companies evaluate new product opportunities? What screens were used? (Chapter 4)

F. Describe the Benefit/Segment Matrix for your company’s products. (Fig 9.5)

then answer these questions :


1. From page 6 and Exhibit 5 in the case, how would you modify the ATAR model to forecast first year sales of the new hot dog for Perdue?

2. Using the Risk Model in Fig 19.4, how would you assess the risk of negative publicity on MDM?

3. Plot the products or brands mentioned in the case on an attribute or benefit chart similar to Fig 6.2.

4. What type of new product is the chicken hot dog to Perdue? (use Fig. 1.4)

5. What is the challenge to Perdue from the “U” curve (Innovation vs. Success) mentioned in the the 10 July lecture and p16 in the text?

6. What do you believe Perdue should do? Justify using the tools in the text and lecture.

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