Prepare:Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, review the following resources:College Reading Strategies(Links to an external site.),Reading Strategies & Tips(Links to an external site.),Reading Techniques(Links to an external site.),Saint Mary’s College of CaliforniaReading Strategies(Links to an external site.),Lumen LearningReading Strategies(Links to an external site.), andUniversity of Arizona Global Campus’sStudent Support Center: Reading StrategiesLinks to an external site..Reflect:Before writing,Think about how you have read for school in the past.Reflect on whether that method worked for you as well as it could.Consider the changes you may need to make to get the most out of your reading.Write: In your initial post of 300 words,Explain the ways you have prepared to read for school in the past. Have you used any particular reading strategies? What would you do if you did not understand something? Would you re-read?Review the resources listed above about various reading strategies.Identify one strategy that stands out to you, and briefly summarize the strategy.Explain why it might be an effective strategy for you and why it might be challenging.Describe, based on these resources, how you will apply the strategy you chose.


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