Reelecting Lincoln (D2 Lampley) , history homework help –

In 4-5 sentences, respond to the following:

 The political issues that were upon the election of 1864 were the same issues that were there four years earlier when Lincoln was elected….slavery rights, honoring the South even after the loss of the war to do what they want, Union or no Union.  Can you believe even after all of the bloodshed of the war, the South were still preaching slavery when in essence the winner of the war would ultimately win that outcome of whether it continued or not.  I ask myself had the South won the war or if McClellan who was for slavery the entire time even while fighting for the Union would they had undone all of what Lincoln had done?  That would have meant that so many men and women would have laid their lives for nothing.  Those who were opposed to Lincoln winning again can pretty much be summed up as feeling similar to this “I fear that the desire for peace aided by the impression that Mr. Lincoln is fighting not for the Union but for the abolition of slavery and by the draft, the lack of victories will overbear the administration and give control of everything to the opposition” (McPherson & Hogue, 2010).

  America was more than ever divided came the election of 1864, people had lost so much and better yet they had little to nothing to go back to.  One person that I spoke of in the first discussion this week is Sherman, this man should have gotten as much credit as Grant in my opinion because his success caused a domino effect in so many areas, when Atlanta fell it changed everything about who had the war secure.  “The south was well aware of Union discontent.  Many felt that if the Southern armies could hold out until the election, negotiations for Northern recognition of Confederate independence might begin” (U.S. History, 2016) (once again even after so many died).

  Should Lincoln have been nervous about losing the election? YES! Like I stated the country was unstable and thinking off emotions and looking at the damage and not necessarily remembering the big picture of things.  We go back to the one domino that secured a lot and that is SHERMAN, “everything changed on September 6, 1864, when General Sherman seized Atlanta.  The war effort had turned decidedly in the Norths favor and even McClellan now sought military victory” (U.S. History, 2016).  Lincoln won the war with a hands down turn out, the war showed Lincolns brilliance and people flocked to him like bird to the south during winter. 

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