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The essentiality of nutrient rich soil to sustaining life makes desertification of critical concern. With dried out nutrient depleted soil, the growth of plants, trees, grass and flowers is decimated. Desertification not only influences the soil but also groundwater, human, and animal populations. Some harmful effects of desertification are decrease or elimination of food supply, poor water quality, increased drought, flooding and poverty. It’s thought that overgrazing of livestock, problematic water irrigation, short sighted agricultural practices (like deforestation), urbanization and variations in climate are some of the causes. Desertification is a serious ecological problem.

Since approximately one third or more of the land worldwide is endangered by desertification, solutions need to be implemented. One approach to reversing desertification is Allen Savory’s holistic management approach of large herd planned grazing. He believes that using livestock to imitate the biological effects of natural large herds of animals will positively affect the soil. Savory’s belief is that the animals trampling the ground and adding feces prepare the soil for absorption. Damaged soils give off carbon, but this process creating mulch allows for the storing of carbon and break down of methane. Savory thinks that this process will take carbon out of the atmosphere and safely store it in the grassland soils. His idea to reverse desertification works with nature at a very low cost. In addition to environmental problems, desertification causes hunger, violence, social break down and war according to Allen Savory. Increasing sustainable agricultural practices along with educating people in these practices would also be helpful in prevention and improvement of desertification.