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After you finished my assignment at last time. Here is the next assignment.

The next step toward completing the Rhetorical/Genre Analysis Memo assignment is to collect examples (artifacts) of the genre for which you’ve selected. We’ll do this work in association with the Week 3 Discussion.

After you’ve collected 3-5 artifacts of the genre you’ve selected, use the Analyzing Genres document (below) to investigate and interpret patterns across artifacts.

The deliverable for this assignment is to submit your answers to the questions listed on the Analyzing Genres document. The purpose is to better understand the patterns of the genre on which you’ve selected to focus for project one, noticing patterns of context, audience, purpose, layout, and style. When appropriate, pull in examples from the artifacts you’ve collected to help support your answers. This analysis will serve as the data for developing your Rhetorical/Genre Analysis Memo.

Note: When considering the language most commonly used, this does not refer to English, Chinese, Spanish, etc. Instead, look for keywords, key phrases, and/or patterns of speech commonly used across your artifacts.

And I will upload the question list and the assignment you finished at last time.

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