scholarly paper on gestational diabetes –

Tutor please Put attention with the underlie and bolded remarks.

Scholarly paper instructions:

  1. From the Topics and Objectives or Leading Health Indicators, available on Healthy People 2020 website, select a topic of interest
    1. Describe the problem and its background providing relevant facts, statistics, mortality, and morbidity rates
    2. Provide etiology and risk factors associated with the topic
    3. List one Healthy People 2020 goal associated with your topic
    4. Name a benchmark that is used to measure whether the goal is achieved by 2020
    5. Report the current goal outcome/status
  2. Synthesis of two peer-reviewed articles that support the HP2020 goal
    1. Find two peer-reviewed articles using an electronic database (CINAHL, OVID, etc)
    2. Analyze the article’s content
    3. Explain how the article’s content supports or refutes the HP2020 topic/objective
    4. Indicate how this research is applicable to current practice
  3. Describe a nursing role in improving population outcomes in disease management and prevention
    1. Describe a nurse’s role in promoting HP2020 objectives
    2. Provide specific examples of actions that a nurse may undertake to reach the HP2020 topic benchmark

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