short story analysis 1 –

short story analysis 1 –

In a two page essay, support one of the following theses about the short story “Hamlet” by Katherine Hubbard ( link will be provided).

You should cite specifics to support your argument. Your essay will need clear organization (with transitions) and support for the thesis. This support will come from the text, and you will need to explain how the examples from the text support the thesis.

Make sure that you are prioritizing analysis over summary. Beware of over-quoting and/or not integrating or discussing included quotations. Cite all quotations and paraphrases in MLA format. Include a works cited entry at the end of your essay( add a third page)

Choose one of the theses bolded below and write an essay that supports the thesis with strong, specific support from the text.

Through her tender moments with Hamlet, Eleanor (the narrator of “Hamlet”) learns to assert herself and to find compassion for her sister Victoria.

As Eleanor receives gentle touches from Hamlet and cares for him when he is ill, she learns to share the physical contact with other people that she has long desired.

In her short story “Hamlet,” Katherine Hubbard uses detailed and specific descriptions of clothing to develop her characters.

In her short story “Hamlet,” Katherine Hubbard’s use of a first-person limited perspective shapes our understanding of the Eleanor’s motivations, desires, and fears.

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