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Stylistic Imitation

For this portion of your unit project, you will create an original creative piece in the style of Edgar Allan Poe.

Your work must have your own story, theme, and point. However, you will use the same 3-­4 poetic devices: first person narration, alliteration, rhyme.

Your stylistic imitation may be completed in either poetry or prose. You may choose to write:

  • A poem
  • A prose poem
  • An essay
  • A short story

Your stylistic imitation must use at least ten examples of poetic devices that we studied in this unit. The three devices that you analyzed in your essay must be represented at least twice.

If you write poetry, you must compose at least twenty lines of poetry. You may divide this up over multiple poems.

If you choose to write prose, your piece must be at least 200 words in length. Most importantly, remember this is a culminating project for your American Poetry Unit. Your essay should show everything you have learned throughout the class.

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