sufficiently define the three major sub systems in the fips 201 piv model –

Sufficiently define the three major sub-systems in the FIPS 201 PIV Model. Support your discussions with at least 3 good examples. Specifically, think of and give a real-life scenario portraying the following concepts:

  • Card Issuance and Management
  • Access Control


3 Major subsystems:

  • PIV Front-End Subsystem—PIV card, card and biometric readers, and PIN input device. The PIV cardholder interacts with these components to gain physical or logical access to the desired Federal resource.
  • PIV Card Issuance and Management Subsystem—the components responsible for identity proofing and registration, card and key issuance and management, and the various repositories and services (e.g., public key infrastructure (PKI) directory, certificate status servers) required as part of the verification infrastructure.
  • Access Control Subsystem—the physical and logical access control systems, the protected resources, and the authorization data.

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