Summary of The Hobbit (Chapter 6), English homework help –

 Here is the summary i found it online. Please summarize it again. But please don’t make it shorter than this and miss any details.

Bilbo is out from under the mountains (on the far side) but lost and alone. He has just decided that he must go back to look for his friends when he hears them nearby. He leaves the ring on and sneaks past Balin, overhearing Gandalf trying to convince the dwarves to go back and find Bilbo (without much success). Bilbo reveals himself and is “so pleased with their praise that he just chuckled inside and said nothing whatever about the ring,” even when he tells them the rest of the story.

They hurry away, skidding down a dangerous slope of fallen stones and into a pine forest. They continue through the forest as it gets dark, until they come to a clearing. There, they hear the howls of Wargs (evil wolves) gathering together and climb the trees.

The Wargs think that the travelers are spies from a nearby village that they had planned to raid with the goblins that night. They thus intend to keep the travelers in the trees until the goblins arrive. Gandalf, who understands the Wargs’ language, sets pine-cones ablaze with magical fire and throws them down, which causes great chaos.

Elsewhere, the Lord of the Eagles hears the noise and sees the Wargs and armed goblins approaching the clearing. Curious, he summons many other eagles and they slowly circle down.

Back at the clearing, the wolves had set the forest on fire inadvertently, but the goblins arrived and guided that fire to try to smoke or burn the travelers out. The goblins sing a taunting song; the trees catch fire; Gandalf is about to make a suicidal attack leap—but the Lord of the Eagles swoops down and takes him away.

Gandalf speaks with the Lord of the Eagles, who sends the rest of the eagles back to harry the attackers and to rescue the dwarves and Bilbo. They’re brought to the eagles’ eyries, promised transport off the Misty Mountains, and provided with food and a place to sleep.

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