surveys for social science –

Research is fundamental in the social sciences. A common data collection method is the survey. Let’s look at the survey as a social scientist.

Now, let’s discuss the merits and flaws of this survey instrument.

For the initial post, address the following:

  • Which questions would you add?
  • Which would you delete?
  • What questions would you change?
  • What questions would you keep the same?
  • How are survey questions important to the interviewer and the subject being researched?
  • Why is it important to ask the appropriate questions that are relative and will be effective?

As we discuss these initial discussion questions, please begin thinking about the questions you will be asking for the interview assignment this week and their importance to you as you explore the experiences of others in the helping professions.


What is your satisfaction with

The course overall

The course instructor overall

The class size

Based on your experience, how likely are you to recommend this school to another professional wishing to enroll in our graduate program?

How likely are you to recommend online courses at this school to others as a result of taking this course?

Please respond to the following questions strongly disagree to strongly agree

Links on the portal to resources for the course were easy to use.

Assignments/exams were reflective of course concepts

This course stimulated my interest to continue to learn about the concepts

The workload for this course was reasonable

My level of computer skills was adequate for success in this course

The course materials supported my learning(includes, syllabus, reading assignments, videos, ect.)

The use of technology was optimal for the delivery of this course.

Please rate your instructor from strongly disagree to strongly agree

Showed a sincere interest in my success

The instructor’s response to my introduction post made me feel welcomed to the course.

The instructors communications each week made the focus for my work clea

The instructor responded to my questions as per course policy (within 24 hours on weekdays/48 hours on weekends)

Guided students to professional educations with journals and texts from the professions

Promoted curiosity to expand application of learning

Assigned challenging tasks that helped me to think differently

Developed course activities that promoted learning outside of the classroom

Provided relevant content through application to real life healthcare examples

Treated the students with respect

Employed strategies that actively engage students in learning

Provided helpful feedback on my performance prior to final course assessment

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300 words. 2 references.

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