The Canterbury Tales: Applied to Modern Society, social science homework help –

I need a post for my discussion board feed. This is the prompt: Choose a work from this week’s module that you believe has a parallel in contemporary society. In other words, point out any connections you observe between the medieval period and your own culture. What are some of the shared concerns or values (keeping in mind that they may be expressed differently)? For example, in Module One we learned (through the Law Code of Hammurabi) that the enforcement of rules was as important to ancient near eastern cultures as it is for us today, although U.S. law differs from Hammurabi’s in many ways.

I have chosen The Canterbury Tales as the work that I would like compared. It will need to identify a value or ideal present in the work of art. Will need to use descriptive details to demonstrate where and how I see this value or ideal present in the work of art. It will also need to address how the value or ideal identified in the work of art reflect the period. Lastly, it will need to connect Medieval ideals and values to contemporary society.

Please include at least 2 MLA citations and remember to use in-text citations as well. 

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