The Cover Letter / Resume assignment –

The Cover Letter / Resume assignment –

The Cover Letter Resume Assignment
Purpose: To develop the writing skills you’ll need to apply for a job and be invited to an interview.
This assignment links to course learning objectives: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, & 10.
Type of Assignment and Weight: This writing assignment is worth 100 points and carries a weight of 10%.
Assignment: Select a real position that matches your interests and qualifications. You can perform an online job search or if you’re interested in and aware of an internship or another advertised position, you can use that one. Write a cover letter (referred to as an application letter in Chapter 15 of the text) and résumé (see Chapter 15) in response to the advertisement.
In addition, have another person review your cover letter and résumé before turning it in. The reviewer can be a representative from The Career Development Center or a business professional (e.g., a coworker [assuming you work] or a relative or friend who is a business professional). On a separate page BUT on the same document, provide the following information:
 The reviewer’s name
 The reviewer’s relationship to you (e.g., a coworker, parent, friend, acquaintance)
 The reviewer’s job title and the organization or industry in which he or she works (e.g., Mr. X is an auditor for a small accounting firm, or Ms. Y is manager at Publix.)
 A summary of your reviewer’s comments
 A summary of how you applied the feedback you received

The job description, cover letter, résumé, and reviewer identification/summary/application should be turned is as ONE Microsoft Word document (the job description should be the first page, the cover letter should be the second page, the résumé should be the third page, and the reviewer + comments+ application should be the final page).
The Cover Letter:

Your cover letter (1 page single-spaced) must contain at least the following parts: your letterhead with full address, phone, and email, date, salutation, opening, body, and a complimentary close. NOTE: Please create fictitious name of HR person and address of company if this information is not provided. 
Below is a typical breakdown of the body:
 Your first paragraph should include a statement that you are interested in the advertised position and what you have to offer. As with all effective communication, your opening should establish your purpose and preview what you’ll cover in the body.
 The body paragraphs include specific skills and major accomplishments or qualifications relevant for this particular job. Content in Cover Letter should also relate to the advertised position by showing how the applicant’s qualifications, education, experience, skills, and abilities address the job’s key requirements.

 The final paragraph tells them that you look forward to hearing from them soon.
 Your closing should be “Sincerely.”

The Resume should be at least 1 complete page (not including references, only if your job posting requires them), but no more than 2 pages. See samples in link below for correct formatting of your resume
·         Use the Times New Roman 11-12-point font or default.
·         Save file last/first names
·         Upload your file to Canvas.

Grading: Again, you will receive one grade for the one Word file you upload to Canvas. That file needs to include the following four (or five)—separate—pages.
1. The job posting
2. The cover letter (otherwise known as the application letter)
3. The résumé (if two pages, your file will contain 5 pages total)
4. The reviewer + comments/application summary

See samples of Cover Letter and Resumes:   SAMPLESSAMPLE CvrLts-Resumes 6-18.pdf
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