the effect of nutrient supplementation on memory improvement –

Research Proposal

Topic: Cognitive Psychology

Human memory is fallible. Rather than being like a recording of events experienced, our memories are vulnerable to errors due to such phenomena as forgetting. The impact of forgetting varies from not remembering where you left your car keys, struggling to recall a question on an exam to more serious implications relating to early onset dementia. In recent times, interventions designed to boost memory performance represent a growing multibillion- dollar industry.

Design a study to test an intervention that can improve either long term or working memory performance in humans. Be sure to develop a study that is ethically feasible.

Starting Reference: Macpherson, H., Ellis, K.A., Sali, A. et al. (2012) Memory improvements in elderly women following 16 weeks treatment with a combined multivitamin, mineral and herbal supplement. Psychopharmacology, 220, 351-365.

The files include: 1. Marking Guide (Please read it carefully and you can write what you need in each part.)

2. Sample (The essay provided by the teacher.)

3. Research Proposal Plan (The plan I wrote about this research proposal, along with the teacher’s comments and suggestions. It is very important, you need to write according to this plan)

And the reference list must include at least 6 reference!!!!

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