this is a persuasive essay about the three benefits of eat fresh fruits, assignment help –

I would like to receive a persuasive essay about the Three benefits of eating fresh fruits, I want an Introductory paragraph with the Thesis STATEMENT

Eating fresh fruits nowadays give us a lot of benefits in our lifestyle: it will increase fiber in our diet, provide vitamins and antioxidants, in addition take advantage of low calories and low sugar present in the fruits.

you can rectified it is necessary

and three body paragraphs

Topic Sentence #1 (for paragraph #2)

Increased of fiber intake in our diet give you amazing results in healthy lifestyle.

Topic Sentence #2 (for paragraph #3)

Vitamins and antioxidants an important source present in the fruits.

Topic Sentence #3 (for paragraph #4)

Low calories and low sugar fruits provides us a significant nutrients balance in our body.

then the conclusion

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