transition from Realism to Modern Art, English homework help –

ssay #2 (This paper should be at least 3 pages, double-spaced, 12pt

Times New Roman font) When you use sources for this essay make sure

that you cite the information that you use, if you quote directly from

a source. Plagiarism will not be tolerated on this final essay.

Discuss Modern Art and the art exhibit that the Nazis had called

Degenerate Art. Explain the transition from Realism to Modern Art.

Explain characteristics, possible historical reasons for the change in

style from Realism to the Modern Art movement. List some of the

artists from the following Art Movements: Impressionist,

Post-Impressionist, Fauvist, Expressionist, Cubist, Dadaist,

Surrealism, Abstract Expressionist and Pop Art. Consider why the Nazis

didnt like Modern Art and chose to call this form of art degenerate.

Give specific reasons why the Nazis attacked Modern Art. In the past

people have been condemned for their art and views. Examples of

certain ideals for art prior to the Nazis and Degenerate Art Exhibit

were the Spanish Inquisition, the Salon of Paris, and due to various

religions. Discuss and argue whether or not you feel that government

or groups should dictate what is considered to be art. Give specific

points as to why you feel the way you do

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