two page paper about two things you learned from reading these articles –

A few pointers about the first draft of the two-page paper:

I am interested in 1) your ability to identify the purpose/thesis of the article(s) you are writing about, 2) in your ability to write about the general discussion in the article fairly and concisely, and 3) in how you express something you learned that you had not thought about before.

Of course, you may not have thought about any of this before! The point is that you select something that is of interest to you about the piece and build your discussion of the piece(s) around that.

And I know you have experience and knowledge of your own to build on. So, for example, if you already were familiar with the debate about the differences between the humanities and the sciences, or about what “politics” or the “political” is, or about why we should read “old” texts about “olden times”… you could reference that and compare/contrast what the author of the article you are writing about says about it.

The draft will be assessed for effort and clarity and adherence to the writing guidelines.

You need not be comprehensive in your discussion.

If you focus on one article, referencing the others to make a point clear or to show an interesting point of contrast may help flesh out your discussion.

The fact that it is a two-page paper is part of the challenge. Focus and be concise in your writing. Again, no need to try to show me everything you have learned or understand so far…that will come across in future papers, in classroom discussion, and in your final draft of this paper!

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