Using Chemistry to Feed the World and for Useful Materials


Directions: Address the following questions.

  1. What are two elements that occur in the free metallic state in nature?
  2. What possible atmospheric pollutants are produced by the refining of iron and copper?
  3. Name four properties of metals and give an example of the use of a metal taking advantage of each property.
  4. Describe three sources of gold described in chapter 18 of the text.
  5. Name what causes soil to be: 
    1. Sour
    2. Sweet
  6. What are the three primary mineral plant nutrients that are considered in fertilizer formulations?
  7. What is the reason the use of DDT is banned in the United States?  Why do you suppose that DDT is still used in other parts of the world?
  8. Two effective natural insecticides are Bt toxins and neem tree seeds.  Explain what these are and why they are becoming so popular.