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Venue Research

Your client, the National Human Resources Association, is holding a two-day conference here in South Florida, preferably Boca Raton, West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale. Here are some of the requirements and preferences that the client listed:

  • The client has a nice healthy budget
  • They are forecasting around 200 attendees, and 120 of them are from out of town and will require accommodations for at least 1 night
  • The event will require a seated theater-style facing stage, a networking area (for refreshment breaks), and 5 breakout rooms that will need to hold up to 40
  • Lunch is not included, but the venue has to be not too far from restaurants

Using this information, you will need to find a venue in one of these three cities and you will then need to justify your choice by answering the following questions:

  1. Why is this venue a good fit for this conference? Highlight at least four reasons to justify this fit.
    • Make sure that you defend your choice with research and facts, and be sure not to settle for just good enough so you can give your client the best venue available.
    • You might not be able to find the perfect location, but you should continue your search long enough to feel confident that you can do no better for your client.
  1. What are the potential downsides or issues with this choice?
    • Recognize any shortcomings of your venue. Identifying the problem areas, explain how you will prepare for any issues that may arise, and have proper contingency plans.

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