What is your paper arguing, health and medicine homework help


Submit a one paragraph abstract/proposal for PAPER 2: an argumentative research essay which takes the research from Paper 1(the smoking one you did.  “is there correlation between smoking parents and their adolescents”) and uses it to craft one specific argument:) 

Proposals = a ONE PARAGRAPH abstract outlining the proposed WHAT, HOW, and WHY of your PAPER 2 assignment. 

-WHAT:  What is your paper arguing? –> what is the central problem/issue and how do you propose to address it?

-HOW: How is your paper going to make its argument? –> use the sections outlined on the PAPER 2 prompt as your guide as you write this part of your abstract/proposal.

-WHY: Why is your argument important for your specific community? What need does it work to fulfill or address?