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Task 1:
(1) Review the specifications for the smart phone you use most frequently. What brand and model is it?

(2) Briefly summarize the data protection features it provides.

(3) Using the IG guidelines, provide a brief argument either for or against the data security for this device.

(4) In your opinion, based on IG guidelines, what data security improvements can be made?

Cite and reference as appropriate.

Task 2:

(1) Review the information in the text on cloud computing. Search for and review one major cloud computing vendor (Amazon, Microsoft Azure, VMware, IBM Cloud, Adobe, etc.). Briefly summarize its strengths and weaknesses.

(2) Based on the IG principles, provide an argument targeted toward a middle-management business user on the pros and cons of using this vendor to fulfill a business need. Be specific in your response.

Cite and reference as appropriate.

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