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Definition Essay Prompt

In the Social Criticism and Writing module, you have interacted with a variety of sources (including essays, videos and a short story). Now, you are going to create an essay that sets out to define what you think Poverty is. Be sure to also make reference to at least two sources from our module. Be sure to define what your viewpoint of poverty is (this will be your thesis or position. Remember, there is no correct definition…just the viewpoint you choose to take on the issue. In your body paragraphs, however, make sure you provide examples that help to demonstrate the validity of your thesis.

Learning Objectives:

  • Argue: create a clear and focused argument (thesis) and support your claim with valid and appropriate evidence
  • Analyze and Evaluate Sources: determine the credibility and applicability of various assigned sources
  • Synthesize: pull pertinent and credible information from multiple sources into one coherent argument

The following standard essay criteria apply:

  1. Thesis statement: with a subject as broad as poverty, you need to focus on one specific angle or definition of the problem. That angle is completely up to you as long as you specify your parameters.
    1. Briefly set the context, providing any relevant background information
    2. Identify the argument, indicating your stance
    3. Indicate your organization
  2. Create a strong chain of reasoning.
  3. Support each step in your argument with evidence from your sources.
  4. MLA Citations
    1. In-text parenthetical Citations


Course Objectives goals-please take a look

1. Write a multiple-paragraph deductive essay in response to a reading with the following components at a minimum level: logic, focus, organization, unity, coherence, and college-level sentence variety

2. Write with adequate and pertinent textual support to defend an argumentative thesis

3. Write in a mature tone with a sense of college-level audience

4. Write a research paper demonstrating knowledge of research methods and documentation

5. Write a minimum of 8000 words in papers and other writing assignments

6. Annotate, analyze, and evaluate reading selections of fiction and non fiction prose through the application of metacognitive reading strategies

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