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Capabilities, Culture, and Religion (Nussbaum)

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In the video segment you watched, Martha Nussbaum focuses on religion and culture, and how cultural and religious practices should be the choice of an individual, provided there is a basic threshold of human capabilities guaranteed. She gives the example of child marriage to say that, as a cultural practice, it is inconsistent with the capabilities approach.

Again, it will be important for you to think about the concept of “culture”? Refer to this list and make note of the definition of culture that most resonates with how you make sense of what culture means:


Consider the following questions in your discussion.

1) How do you understand the concept of culture?

2) Do you agree/disagree with Nussbaum and her take on cultural practices? Why/why not?

NOTE: In order to receive full credit, your response must draw on specific course concepts (using in-text citations) in order to support the argument you make.


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